As we near July 4th and the world famous Peachtree Road Race that takes place here in Atlanta, those of us familiar with it know that it’s a grand patriotic event – not just another race. Bunny Lenhard will be one of the 60,000 participants in the Peachtree, celebrating her 32nd time participating in this event that is a tradition for so many others. Not only is it a tradition, but it’s also how Bunny got started on her path to better health as her first fitness goal!

Making Atlanta races part of her fitness repertoire keeps her active lifestyle goals on track. From the Atlanta BeltLine to the Freedom Path, you might see Bunny out walking and training for her next race: “They are so scenic with wildflowers along the Beltline and the interesting artwork on both the Beltline and the parkway. There are also many places where you can stop for snacks or pit stops if you are doing a long distance. I try and spread out my races throughout the year and I always have a goal which is to try and better my time from the previous race. Although I don’t always achieve my goal, I  need to have a focus other than just finishing.”

One of the best things about being a runner or walker in Atlanta are the numerous opportunities to participate in a race. There are events practically every weekend around town and plenty of run clubs to participate in as well: “Over the years of running and walking. I have often been joined by other people, either groups or individuals. It is always nice to have company on walks particularly if you are training for a long distance. It seems like the time always goes faster when you are chatting with someone. On the other hand, I also enjoy walking  alone because I can resolve problems more easily due to the lack of  distractions. I have really enjoyed cMEcompete since I love walking and then drinking wine with a fun group of women. It has added yet another wonderful facet to workouts. I know the future will be filled with many more races, walks and “wine-ing” with the Winots of the WINOT Run Club.”

We agree – while the nice thing about running and walking is that you can either participate alone or with others, the sense of community engagement is what keeps us  – and Bunny – moving and enjoying an active lifestyle for years to come!