Seasoned racers know that convenience plays a major role in the race experience, especially when it’s your first major race. There is enough anxiety with race performance without having to worry about how to get to the Start Line. For all the racers participating in the Scenic City Half and 5K, it was comforting to have an easy, clean-cut way to get there without adding to the pre-race jitters. As Monica explains, “The morning of the race, the starting line was a short walk from the hotel with no need to take a car or shuttle. The vibe was pretty relaxed before the event without booming music or corrals which can add excitement but also anxiety for a new runner.  I thought it was neat that we started and ended in a stadium too where everyone could gather on the field. The course was beautiful without a bunch of hills. The scenery kept changing too, so there was always something interesting to see from the river, to businesses, to neighborhoods, etc. All around a great experience I would love to repeat.”

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