1. If you are invited to a community, you’ll notice an ‘Account Sign-up’ in the right hand corner. Select that and you’ll be prompted with a box to fill in your Username, Email address and password
2. After completing that step you will have created a profile and now you must join the specific community by selecting the ‘Join Today’ button
3. Once you click on ‘Join Today’ you have now joined that community. You will notice that on the activity feed and you’ll now see a ‘Start A team’ or Join a team button
4. By selecting Join a Team you’ll see a listing of teams to join, some may be public and some may require membership
5. If you join a team that request membership, you’ll notice the link will change to pending. If you join a team that is public you will automatically be listed on the team and you can now go view that in your profile under ‘Communities and Team’
6. You’ll also notice you have the ability to leave the team. Within your profile you’ll be able to make friends, share accomplishments and see what events you and your friends are attending