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Accomplishments from a Featured City of Roswell Resident: Marlee Press – Part 2

Last week, we introduced you to Marlee Press, member of the City of Roswell Team in See.Walk.Cities. Marlee is an active member of her team and since our last post, she has moved to the top of the leaderboard! Her dedication and competitive spirit is definitely inspirational to us! But, we had to know who or what inspired her. According to Marlee, a quote by the infamous runner Steve Prefontaine has stuck with her: “You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there.  Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.” We agree. Whether or not you’re an Olympic runner or just want to maintain your health, running is a great way to feel accomplished and better about yourself.

While Marlee prefers to run alone and focus on her own self-improvement, she does admit to having a couple of running idols she’d love to run with. “I would love to run with Adam Richman from Man v. Food on the Travel channel. I read that he is a runner and runs because of all that food he eats and running helps him stay in shape. I would love to find out how he does it even with running and doesn’t blow up from all that eating.  If I ate what he did, I would weigh over 200 pounds.  So I would just love to chat with him while running. I do read a lot of articles about runners and Deena Kastor sounds like a great person to run with.  She holds numerous American running records and she is just so committed and she is a mom.  I would never be able to keep up with her but I would love to try and have her give me some tips.” It seems like Marlee could give us some tips to stay active and competitive! But she definitely has some pointers for other Georgia cities.

Her biggest belief is that many others love the same sense of accomplishment and challenging themselves and she doesn’t understand why more Georgia cities are not involved in the “See.Walk.Cities. Most Active City Challenge.” According to Marlee, there could be some benefit in more marketing of the challenge throughout the state and having the cities’ mayors challenge each other. Well, Game On, Marlee! “Making people healthy is so important and this is such a great way to do it.  Who doesn’t want their city to have healthy, happy people.  It just seems like such a logical easy concept,” encourages Marlee. It really is easy to join the challenge. Contact today to join or visit

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Accomplishments from a Featured City of Roswell Resident: Marlee Press – Part 1

In January of this year, cMEcompete crowned the City of Roswell as the winner of the GMA “See.Walk.Cities.” Challenge for 2013. The Challenge between municipalities to be declared the most active city in Georgia has inspired a lot of activity and pride in hometowns across our state. Among Roswell’s active residents is Marlee Press. Marlee joined the “See.Walk.Cities.” Challenge in November 2013 and has been busy competing ever since! A longtime runner, Marlee began competing in road races in 1991 so when she found a way to keep her competitive spirit going by reading about “See.Walk.Cities.” in a local press release, she told herself to go for it. Marlee has definitely been going for it ever since! She is currently in 2nd place for the 2014 “See.Walk.Cities.” Challenge!

So why does Marlee run? Like many runners, she understands the physical benefits. “I come from parents with heart disease.  I don’t want that to be me.” With heart disease being the #1 killer of women more than all cancers combined, running is definitely keeping her ahead of the curve for physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Beyond the physical benefits, Marlee is reaping the mental health benefits as well. “Running is great for my mental health. I have to admit – I enjoy running mostly by myself except at races.  It is my ‘me’ time.  I just put on my headphones, listen to a book or Neil Diamond or Bon Jovi and I am just happy.”

But, don’t let her laidback running style fool you. There’s a reason why she’s 2nd place in the “See.Walk.Cities.” Challenge. “When I see someone with close points to me, I just have to find another race.  I love those points and I will continue to try to rack them up especially in a sport I love.” Sounds like a challenge! Some of Marlee’s favorite places to run are in Nashville with the Country Music Half Marathon to benefit St. Jude and of course in Roswell at Leita Thompson Park. Balancing out her running workout with other activities, she also enjoys walks with her husband and going for a ride on her Schwinn Airdyne Bike.

Stay tuned as we find out more about Marlee’s fitness success!






Featured Walk Tennessee Members: Meet the Kettreys – Part 2

Last week, we met Keith and Chris Kettrey, who have taken the Nolensville Team in the Walk Tennessee initiative by storm by participating in so many races! But, running isn’t the only way the Kettreys stay in shape. According to Keith, “We do kettle bell strength training at as a cross training activity to support our running. Coach Matt Blankenship was one of our original running coaches in the No Boundaries program who has supported our running and strength training.” Cross training is an important part of running fitness but the Kettreys also take it to the trails to stay in shape and mix up their running routine. So, where do they go? “For road running we like to run in Brentwood at River and Crockett Park for all the great paths that are available. Trail running finds us at Percy Warner Park.”

So, what are their future fitness plans? Running is an important part, of course! Keith shared that he would love to revisit Oslo, Norway and participate in the Rock N Roll Race, having traveled there out after high school. But, so far, their favorite race to participate in has been the Capital City Half Marathon (see picture). Why did this race stand out? “Awesome course through some different parts of the city with great crowd support, music and an outstanding after party!!! Also, I decided I would run with Chris the whole way and we just had a great time!!!”

With so much on their running plate including training, racing, and mentoring new runners with the Couch to 5K Running Program in Nolensville, there’s no doubt why they are both at the top of the Leaderboard in Walk Tennessee. It might be difficult to surpass this fierce running couple from the Nolensville Team – catch them if you can!


Featured Walk Tennessee Members: Meet the Kettreys – Part 1

If the couple that runs together has fun together, then we can all take some pointers from Keith and Chris Kettrey! Dynamic members of the Walk Tennessee community on cMEcompete, this power running couple has taken the Nolensville Team by storm with the amount of events they have been participating in since joining cMEcompete in 2013. They’ve participated in so many events that we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without asking them a few questions to get to know them a little better!

The first to take on running was Keith, who was experiencing some health issues, complicated by being overweight: “Almost 4 years (and about 50 lbs ago), I was at my console in the 911 center when I had my own bad day. Several doctors’ visits later determined I had some heart disease and mild tremors, which served as a wake up call to get moving. A friend recommend Fleet Feet for shoes where I learned about their No Boundaries running program so I thought running would serve me as the best way to work on my health and weight issues. Chris saw how much fun I had in the program and decide later on to join me too.” After all, guys can’t have all the fun in fitness!

The Kettreys soon joined the Nolensville Running Club and have met great new friends along the way. While going to breakfast with members of the Nolensville Running Club at Mamas Java after a Saturday run is at the top of Chris’ list, being outdoors and just moving is the Kettreys’ favorite thing about running: “Running has helped us eat better, lose weight, sleep better, feel better overall and introduced us to a lot of new friends. I firmly believe the biggest benefit for me has been the stress relief that running provides, especially after a shift of answering 911 calls.” After hearing about cMEcompete on the Nolensville Running Club Facebook page, the Kettreys joined the Walk Tennessee initiative and have been racking up points with all of their events ever since.

Stay tuned for Part 2, when we learn more about the Kettreys and what the future holds for them in fitness!


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